A Website For and About Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is a magical place. Winding dirt roads meander past small mom & pop restaurants and hotels tucked into the jungle.  Green parrots fly overhead and monkeys travel through the trees.   Paths wind to a 2 mile long pristine sand beach with turtles nesting.  No beach front construction...this is a nature reserve.

The primary purpose of this site is to draw attention to the beauty of Nosara and the need to protect it. Here you will find information and photos of Nosara and its environment.  Also here are things whose only draw is that they strike my fancy; and just to show that nepotism is alive and well in Costa Rica, there are sites that belong to friends!

A past project is the web site for the Friends of Nosara, a not-for-profit organization that was "created to thank the Costa Rican residents of the community for the openness and warmth with which (we) have been welcomed to Nosara, and to support projects that enhance the expatriate and local communities and strengthen the relationship between (us)."

Alice and Michael Olson won the bid for its creation at the Save the Howler Monkey Auction hosted by Nosara Wildlife Rescue (my personal favorite nonprofit organization).  They in turn generously donated the site to the Friends of Nosara.

Another very worthwhile nonprofit organization is Nosara Animal Care.  They recently became part of the Friends of Nosara's U.S. tax deductible organization. They provide health care, including spaying and neutering, for homeless animals and for animals living with low income families who cannot afford the high costs of veterinary medicine.  "We believe that every animal equally deserves quality care from skilled and gentle veterinarians for routine check ups, spay/neuters, vaccinations, worming, and any other medical attention they may need."

A current and ongoing project is the Nosara Civic Association's new website.  The NCA is the organization that exists to serve the residents of the entire Beaches of Nosara.  Due in large part to their efforts, the Nosara area remains as one of the most pristine and ecologically sound developments in all of Costa Rica.

These pages are continually changing, a work in progress.  I hope you find them informative and that you will return soon.
I live in a beautiful place ... Nosara on the the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica,
in the Province of Guanacaste, Peninsula de Nicoya

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Nosara Wildlife Rescue's 2014 Wall Calendar

100% Of sale proceeds goes to the non-profit organization that cares for Nosara's injured and displaced wildlife.
These calendars make a perfect gift.  $10 Each.
Full color, 11"x17" 28 pages
Howler & Capuchin monkey photos by local photographers
Featuring Nosara daily tide charts, moon phases
and both U.S. and C.R. holidays
For details and to view all months please visit:

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2014 Nosara Wildlife Rescue Calendar cover.  Full Size 11"x17" 
Full color photos of Nosara's monkeysNosara Wildlife Rescue  2014 Calendar
Month of January
Full Size 11"x17"